Technology products

Technological solutions in fiber optics, cabling and more:

Structured cabling system:

UTP, F / UTP, F / FTP, S / F / UTP, CAT. 5, 5e, 6, 6A, 6E, 6G, 7/7A. Connectors, Couples & Adapters, Patch Cord, Patch Panels, Consolidation Points, Cross-Connect, assembling Tools, Work Point Jacks, Identification Accessories And Marking, Others.


Solution for data/processing centers:

Open and Closed Cabinets / Racks; Flooring, Ceilings, Walls for data centers; Switching, Routing, Security Equipment


Multimode fiber optic system, single mode (indoor, outdoor):

Tight Buffer, Loose Tube, Breakout, ADSS, OPGW; Patch Cord, Connectors, Couples & Adapters, Data Center Solutions, Patch Panels & Accessories, Wall Mount & Accessories, assembling Tools.


Accessories for laying and channeling:

Plastic and Metallic Channels (with and without division), Electrical and Data Dies, Passing Boxes, Cable Trays and Ducts, Galvanized Metal Tubing (EMT), Conduit Metallic Tubing, PVC and Accessories.


Accessories for normal / regulated power:

Boards and electric circuits (Normal, Isolated), Electrical Wiring Type THHN, THWN Braided, Flexible Enclosed (ST-C, ST, SJT), Silicon, Duplex (SPT), Uninterruptible Power System (UPS), Power Systems, Electrical Circuits, Electrical Circuits, Active Electrical Protection (Regulators, Stabilizers), Passive Electrical Protection Systems (Grounding, Conductors).